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Estate & Trust Administration

Before the inevitability of death, build a proper Estate Plan, enabling you to privately administer a person's Trust and Estate, so as to avoid the painstakingly slow public Probate procedure.  


If a loved one has already died and you have been named a Trustee or Executor of a Trust, we can represent you and decode the sophisticated legal issues relating to tax, business, real property, government benefits, family law, etc. that arise to resolve that estate.

Trust & Estate Disputes

Death of a relative can often trigger and amplify family tensions.  The person stepping into the fiduciary role to administer the decedent’s estate may find that the beneficiaries don’t always agree with their approach or they may feel they are being treated unfairly. 


Resolve estate administration disputes without resorting to litigation with the guidance and advocacy of our experienced attorneys.  Whether we represent the fiduciary or beneficiary, our approach is rooted in pragmatic advocacy – efficiently getting to the core of the conflict to achieve a reasonable solution. 


Our experienced attorneys can also pursue litigation when necessary to protect our clients’ interests.      

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