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Elder Law & Conservatorships

A conservatorship may be necessary, to protect an aging adult no longer able to manage their own health and finances, or is vulnerable to undue influence by others .  Often, the need for a conservatorship is not apparent until after it is discovered that the elder was the victim of financial abuse and litigation i ssought against the abuser. 


Through a conservatorship proceeding, a family member or other concerned party seeks the court’s appointment of a conservator, who is granted legal authority to make health and/ or financial decisions on behalf of the vulnerable adult.  Once established, conservatorships require ongoing court supervision to ensure the conserved adult’s interests are safeguarded. 


We represent the parties who establish a conservatorship for another as well as the conservators:

  • ensuring that the ongoing legal requirements are maintained

  • litigating financial elder abuse claims brought by elders, their conservators, and their successors in interests to recover stolen assets.

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