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Protect every "Why".  Estate & Tax planning to protect every "Why" from any "what if...."

Why? Because you love them.
Why? To preserve your legacy.
Why? To save your children from inheriting a mess.
Why? For peace of mind, knowing that your wishes will be carried out after you are gone.
Why? What matters? What's worth preserving for generations?
We are a law firm focused on Estate & Tax Planning— for you; for your family; for your legacy; for your every "Why". 

Let’s talk.

Our Approach

At YRS LLP, we strive to understand every client's "Why".  With a clear understanding of these core values and motivations, we serve these purposes in every aspect of our engagement with integrity, compassion, and strategic thinking.  We bring our depth of experience to every engagement to optimize each client’s unique family situation, business, and goals for their legacy.  Whether crafting an estate plan to protect assets, planning to reduce taxes, or structuring a family business for the next generation, the attorneys at YRS LLP are committed to excellence in law and our clients’ peace of mind. This is OUR "Why." 

Practice Areas


Estate Planning






Business Law


Estate & Trust Administration


Conservatorship and Elder Law

Introducing our law firm
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